What is Email Verification?

Emails Verified Service (uras) is a web based service which offers verification services for emails sent through various networks including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and BlackPlanet. This service does not verify the identity of the sender but rather compares the IP address and the name of the internet user who has sent the email to confirm whether this is indeed the sender of the message. Emails Verified Service also verifies a sender's offline address and compares this with the details given in their records.

The Email Verification Company acts as a third party between the sender and the recipients. The company verifies the facts in the emails provided by the clients. It checks the IP addresses of the sender and the receivers and compares it with the records provided by the users. When a matching link is found, then the user is required to click on the "submit" button to send the email. Emails Verified Service works on all major email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and BlackPlanet.

The Email Verification service offers verification services for emails sent through Gmail. This includes verifying the sender's information. To do this, verification must be done according to the specification of Google. Other services provided include verification of the subject line, sender's mailing address, email address and account status. Some of these are also useful for spam mails which are identified through the domain name. Get more facts about emails at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Letter_(message).

There are two ways in which to verify the email. One is self-verification where the email sent will be checked whether it is from the Gmail address or not. The other is server side verification. With this service, a verification is done using Google's database of emails. Both ways have different roles and are useful for different purposes. But whichever process is used, the email will still be checked and only verified if it is from a Gmail account. Be sure to find out more here!

In case of a server-side verification, the verification process is done by checking the header of each message. If the message contains the "SMTP header", then the message is verified. It is very important that the message is indeed an email message from Gmail. Even if some messages look like spams or automated messages, they still need to be verified so that the users know the message is a genuine one. Users can also check their spam and junk mails through the mail folder.

Emails Verified Service is an important part of Gmail. Users need to make sure that all the messages sent and received are from the official Gmail address and not from some third party or unauthenticated address. When you have a verified email account, only messages that you have read or emails you intend to read will be allowed to leave your inbox. Emails verified is a big step towards protecting your email account from spammers and hackers. Start here!

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